"They say what you don't know can't hurt you. Wrong! What I didn't know about my financial situation hurt me a lot."Tim Buchanan, Spring Valley Chapel

Not understanding your unique tax advantages could be costing you...

Many ministers pay unnecessary taxes every year.

We prepare excellent tax returns, but even more importantly, we coach, educate and help you design a complete tax & financial plan.  Make the most of every available tax advantage in a personal application. That starts with understanding your "three major tax advantages" and how to use them. Help yourself to these great resources to get started:

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Free Videos & Workshops that provide useful solutions in practical terms.

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“Tax-Free Money for Ministers” webinar is the must see, ground floor introduction to your unique tax benefits. Learn the 4 major tax rules for ministers and practical applications that you can implement immediately. Learn what you should know about your "Three Big Tax Advantages."

  1. Who can qualify for Housing Allowance & Minister Tax Status.
  2. How Housing Allowance Works and What Qualifies for Deduction
  3. Retirement for Ministers to reduce tax now and later and keep housing allowance for life.
  4. What Ministry Expenses are and how to account for them.
"How to Set Up an Accountable Plan" video will explain what an accountable plan is why it's so important,  what expenses qualify and how to deduct them.

  1. Discover frequently overlooked deductions
  2. Increase your take home pay

Schedule a complimentary retirement consultation with a clergy specialist. It's never too early or too late to learn what the right planning in the right plan can do for you.

Complimentary Videos

See all about housing allowance, retirement and ministry expenses