retirement for Ministers is SO different

 You have incredible retirement planning opportunities  that regular employees do not. Unfortunately, those opportunities are often missed. Our clergy retirement specialists understand your benefits. Talk to advisors who can help you get on the road to financial independence with tax-free income for life and customized strategies designed for ministers. You might just be amazed at the difference.

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Start here, invest six minutes and you’ll never think about retirement the same way again.

Sometimes it pays to hear from people who’ve been there.

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You need unique features in your retirement plan because your benefits are unique. The Clergy Advantage Retirement 403(b) has the features you need. But it also provides the right advice that you need.

All 403(b)’s reduce State, Federal and Social Security taxes on contributions and grow the money tax-free, but only a clergy specific 403(b) allows tax-free distributions as housing allowance for life.

And that’s just the beginning.

Discover the potential, when you have clergy tax and financial experts that really know you and your unique retirement advantages. 

Churches don’t always get the best retirement advice. Here are quick facts you should know.

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