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Spring 2021

  1. The Right Investment Choice for You
  2. Ministers’ Social Security & Opting Out
  3. Speculated Biden Tax Proposal
  4. The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
  5. Final Thoughts & Encouragement

Winter 2020

  1. Do Charitable Contributions Cause Audits?
  2. New Tax Savings for Members of Health Care Sharing Ministries
  3. Tax Advice for Ministers thinking About Buying a Home
  4. Temperament Triumphs in Investing
  5. Confusion About Ministry Expenses Can Cost You

Fall 2020

  1. A Better Way to Start a Ministry
  2. Churches Need the Full Story on Retirement Plans
  3. Creating Generational Wealth
  4. 2020 Retirement Distribution Updates

Fall 2019

  1. Make Ministers Social Security Allowance Fair and Simple
  2. Important Principles for Bi-Vocational Ministers
  3. Calculating Housing Allowance and Fair Rental Value
  4. Ministry tax benefits if you don’t work for a church? Yes!
  5. The Family Savings Account
  6. Save with a Health Reimbursements Account
  7. What They’re Saying: Tim Foot

Spring 2019

  1. Housing Allowance Rules are Constitutional
  2. New Tax Laws and Ministry Expenses
  3. Thinking About Buying a New Home
  4. Ministers Should Rarely Use a Roth IRA
  5. Safe Investments: Are We Fighting the Wrong Battle
  6. Disability Insurance for Ministers
  7. What They’re Saying: Randy Frazee


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