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We know how valuable the right information can be. Use these resources to learn what your benefits can do.  Then schedule a personal discussion with a specialist who  can help you discover your full potential.

This is the spring board to using your amazing tax benefits and advantages. 

The Clergy Advantage 403b can help ministers do a lot more than just retire.

Many churches simply don’t get the whole story about  starting or managing their own retirement plan.

Retirement opportunities available to ministers are nothing short of amazing. 

Understand your investments and reach your goals with greater confidence.

Withholding issues, tax-saving strategies  and details are all here.

Everything you need to know about Housing Allowance for Ministers.

Learn what’s deductible and how to manage ministry expenses for great savings. 

Thinking of starting a new ministry? Discover the benefits of a Charitable “C.”

Two Minute Tax Tips

Don’t Lose Housing Allowance at Retirement

How to Offset Your Biggest Tax

What is Real Risk in Investing?

Filing an Extension for Tax Deadlines

Tax Withholding for Ministers

What is MAGI?

How to Set Up an Accountable Plan

New tax laws make a properly set up Accountable Plan about the only way to get benefit from ministry expenses.  Concepts are explained in the video with a guidebook full of examples, forms and practical help to get started.

Thorough video & guidebook for just $99. This is free to tax and consulting subscription members.

Church Treasurer's Toolkit

Should a minister receive a W-2 or 1099? Learn proper reporting for ministry staff, regular employees,  housing allowance, retirement. Virtually, everything you need to know to be accurate, effective and confident in your critical role is here.

An amazingly complete video & guidebook for only $99.  This is free to tax and consulting subscription members.

Tax-Free Money for Ministers

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