How to Activate & Use SmartVault

How to Activate Your SmartVault Account

To create your account, open your email invitation from Smart Vault and follow the steps listed. If you prefer video instructions, watch the Smart Vault video instructions.
If you have not received an email from SmartVault with activation instructions, please contact us.

SmartVault Video Instructions for Activation & Use

SmartVault video

To play the video full screen, click the full screen button on the video player bar (see image below).

vimeo video player bar illustration

Uploading Files to SmartVault

  1. Log in to your SmartVault account.
  2. Select File Exchange.
  3. Select “Client Uploads to Clergy Advantage” folder.
  4. Click the blue “Upload  File” to browse for the file or drag and drop it into the window.
  5. Click Save File. A confirmation message appears.
  6. Click the x to close the message.


NOTE: Clergy Advantage will automatically receive a notification whenever you upload files to your folder, so you don’t have to let us know.

View and Download Tax Files

NOTE: Tax files prior to 2021 will not be available in Smart Vault. Access previous years files in SecureDrawer and download them to your computer before June 1, 2022. You will be able to store and retrieve all files placed in your Smart Vault beginning in 2021 and beyond for as long as you are a tax client.

  1. Log in to your SmartVault account.
  2. Select Files and Folders to the left.
  3. Click on the folder with your name or company name.
  4. Click the folder with the files you wish to access.
    Double-click the file to view it in the browser.
  5. Click Download to save the file to your computer. NOTE: If your document preview shows up skewed, you may need to adjust the zoom percentage of your preview.
  6. Click Back to close the preview window.


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