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Ministers need a Retirement Plan for Ministers

The Clergy Advantage® 403(b) is powerful and portable. 

Keep your housing allowance benefits no matter where you go even, if you leave the ministry. Enjoy state, federal, and social security tax savings on contributions, grow the money  tax-free then receive tax-free distributions for life.

Work with Clergy Financial Specialists who are uniquely qualified to help you use your amazing clergy advantages – now and throughout retirement.

What the Clergy Advantage 403(b) can do.

The whole story about church retirement plans.

The Clergy Advantage 403(b) offers more to ministers.

  • Portability Keep your plan & benefits even if you change jobs or leave the ministry.
  • Personal Coaching. Clergy specific strategies  to help you use your amazing opportunities.
  • Guaranteed Interest & Structured Investment Options
  • Roth Option
  • Extremely Low Fees or No Fees in some cases.
  • World Class Money Managers
  • Over 100 funds with sector control and values based options. 
  • Reduced Administration costs for organizations.  Administration of the plan is the responsibility of  the plan sponsor not your church.
  • State, Federal & Social Security Tax Savings Use our retirement calculator for ministers to see the difference.
  • Diversification & Expert Coaching for our denominational partners. 
“They say what you don’t know can’t hurt you. Wrong! What I didn’t know about my financial situation hurt me a lot.”
Tim Buchanan
Spring Valley Chapel

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