Clergy Advantage 403(b)

What the 403(b) can do for you
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Ministers can keep housing allowance benefits for life with proper planning. Retire well with financial independence, plan for ministry, a new home, or your next season and keep your housing allowance benefits with tax-free distributions for life… No matter where you go- even if you leave ministry altogether.

Features of the Clergy Advantage 403(b)

Coaching for Ministers

Clergy specific coaching and education with world class investment choices are the hallmarks of the Clergy Advantage 403(b). This allows participants to use their amazing benefits in a personalized plan with free consulting for as long as they are in the plan.

FDIC insured Investment & Structured Investment Options

These financial tools can provide protection on your principal while the investment has opportunity to grow at a greater rate than many fixed income investments.

World Class Money Managers

The Clergy Planning Group team, plan administrators and allied organizations are committed to monitoring and employing the best money managers available. This means that there is careful oversight and adjustment where it’s deemed in the best interest of the plan participants.

Over 100 Funds to Choose From

With so many great options to choose from, you can Invest in funds that support your goals and values, including sector control and values based options.

No Administration Costs for Churches/Organizations

Administration of the plan is the responsibility of the plan sponsor, Church and Clergy Alliance, not your church. This makes the plan more cost effective for your organization and easier to manage. Staff can focus their time on their jobs, not additional duties of compliance and complicated oversight of the retirement plan.


The Clergy Advantage 403(b) is designed to help ministers keep housing allowance distributions for tax-free income for life. Take your plan and benefits with you wherever you go; when you retire, change jobs or even if you leave the ministry altogether.

ROTH Option

This plan features a Roth option allowing you to make post tax contributions to your 403(b). Consult with your advisor to determine if this feature is appropriate for you.

Competitive Fees

This plan is very competitively priced. In some cases there are no fees. Your advisor will be happy to discuss this in more detail for a complete breakdown.

State, Federal & Social Security Tax Savings

Not all 403(b) plans are created equal. The Clergy Advantage 403(b) retirement plan is purposefully designed to preserve ministers’ housing allowance distributions for life even if they leave the ministry. It’s able to provide tax savings in all three areas of taxation when set up and administrated properly.

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