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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

What exactly is crypto or virtual currency? As IRS scrutiny of virtual currency has increased so has their issuance of guidance on how to report income produced by virtual currency. Avoid surprises and read on…

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The Investor’s Stealth Enemy

The number one enemy of your family and church accounts is Inflation as it quietly eats away at our purchasing power. Unfortunately, as it surges this time around, it’s showing up at a very inopportune time because interest rates on bank savings accounts, CD’s, etc., are at all-time lows. Those two events don’t bode well for many investors. Here’s why and what to do

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The Value of a Financial Advisor

The value of working with qualified financial advisors has been quantified in studies comparing investor results. Choosing funds, designing a portfolio while discerning our biases, prejudices and fears that surround our personal finances and expectations isn’t always easy. If you’re like most people, a little coaching can go along way toward improving your results.

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Avoid Tax Scams

Tax scams seem to come in waves. At any given time, at least one area of the country is being targeted with a tax scam.

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Almost half a century of clergy tax expertise has been reorganized for you in our new education center. Click on a category or search for your own topic.

Social Security

We recommend checking your Social Security account annually. Check the accuracy of your earnings record. Get an estimate of your future Social Security payments. Keep your account up to date with your correct address or direct deposit information. Request a current benefit statement or a replacement SSA-1099 Form for your taxes or other documentation such as a replacement Social Security or Medicare card if you need one.

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