Consulting with clergy experts for accurate answers and good advice is only a click or call away. Plan proactively to save  more. Get  personal guidance and customized solutions for greater success.

Hourly A-la-carte Rate
$60 for 15-minute increments
Get personal answers and advice from experienced, qualified clergy tax specialists.
Correspond by phone, email or video conferencing.
Can include IRS letters, ministers pay structure, housing allowance strategies or any other tax related issue.
Follow up on your tax advisors suggestions to improve your finances after your tax review
Coordinate with your tax and financial advisor for enhanced retirement planning
Individual Consulting Package
$425 For Individuals One-Year Subscription
2 hours of consulting time during the year for any tax related reason
Audit Protection on Tax Returns prepared by Clergy Advantage
“Accountable Plan” and “Church Treasurer’s” videos with materials for your whole staff
Access to all Proprietary Forms, Worksheets and Resources
Coordinated Tax Planning/Retirement Review for
Group Consulting Package
$995 For Churches and Organizations One-Year Subscription
6 hours of consultation time for multiple users for any tax issue
Pay Package Structuring & Complete Tax planning for ministers
Year-end accounting and annual budget information, W-2 Education
Housing allowance limits, liability and appropriate strategies
Clergy Advantage® Church Administrators/Treasurer's video & Help Packet with Forms and Worksheets
Coordinated Tax Planning/Retirement Review

Social Security for Ministers

Ministers Social Security Issues are still a conundrum for many.  Learn how and when you can opt out, what to do if you already have and how to reduce tax if you’re in. Reporting and best practices are discussed thoroughly.

How to set Up an Accountable plan video with Guidebook & Samples

Recent tax law changes have made an accountable plan  about the only way for a minister to receive tax benefit from ministry expenses. Learn why and what the simplest options are. Set up and used properly it can make a big difference for the minister and the churches growth, $99 with Guidebook.


This three part video and guidebook with forms and examples is designed to take the place of hours of consultations. This is an invaluable tool for the Church Administrator or treasurer. It answers just about everything you’d ever need to know to be confident and effective. Guidebook and video for $99.

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Social Security Video

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Tax-Free Money for Ministers

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