The Clergy Advantage® Church & Organizational Package offers discounted services and consulting for one annual fee for the individuals on your staff that you designate. Access your advisor throughout the year for any contingency or planning issue.

We'll work with you, your staff and board or administration to make sure that all elements of control and oversight meet optimal reporting requirements. We’ll also make sure that the pastors and staff have opportunities to learn about and use their clergy benefits through educational workshops, individual consulting and our proprietary resources.



Your entire staff and ministry team can have access to clergy experts for coaching and advice in any area of ministry tax or retirement including but not limited to:

  • Yearly review to optimize your ministers’ salaries and  benefits
  • W-2/941 reporting issues and Year-end tax issues
  • Ministry expenses, Accountable Plan, Health Reimbursement, Tax-free fringe benefits
  • Pay package consultations, revisions and structuring
  • Revised tax projections for all ministers on staff for pay raises, family changes, etc.
  • Unexpected income, Inheritance, gifts, bonuses, retirement gifts, etc.
  • Housing Allowance limits and Liability, Purchases & Leases
  • Ministerial Employment Status
  • W-2 Education
  • Financial Reviews & Specialized Clergy Retirement Planning


Receive The Church Administrator’s Help Packet

 Receive The Church Administrator’s Help Packet including:

  • Accountable Reimbursement Plan Information
  • Forms, Treasurer’s Year End Worksheet
  • Consulting for Social Security Issues/Reporting
  • Proper 1099 and W-2 Development


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