Plus Advantage Engagement Agreement

This is an engagement agreement between Clergy Advantage, Inc., hereinafter referred to as Clergy Advantage® and the person listed below for the Advantage Plus Plan annual subscription. This agreement takes effect on the signed date of this document and automatically renews annually on the anniversary of the signing date until Clergy Advantage® receives written notice of termination or Clergy Advantage® withdraws at their discretion.

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Agreement Details

Plus Advantage Subscription Includes:

  • Tax return preparation of one Standard Clergy Federal and State tax return, with electronic filing.
  • Timely response to questions pertaining to your tax returns
  • Extension preparation and filing -upon written request, if required
  • SmartVault – for secure document transfer and retention of returns and documents
  • Proprietary Tax Organizer, forms and worksheets to help you collect tax information
  • Up to two hours of tax consultation - for questions, tax planning and maximizing opportunities for tax savings. Note: tax consultations are unavailable during tax season: February through April.
  • Tax return review and amendment– of one prior year return (not prepared by Clergy Advantage)
  • Review and response to letters and notices from tax authorities
  • Access to all proprietary tax and financial planning resources offered by Clergy Advantage®
  • Clergy Advantage® Newsletter, Tax-Tips, and Updates
  • Personal consultation with a partnering Financial Advisor - specializing in retirement investment strategies for ministry professionals to help you maximize your biggest tax advantage: Retirement Planning.

Terms of this Agreement

  • You agree to provide all required information (the CLERGY ADVANTAGE® Tax Organizer, applicable questionnaires, forms and supporting documentation) necessary to complete your tax return(s). This includes all items of income subject to income tax.
  • You understand that tax preparation work will not begin until there is a signed Engagement Agreement and payment authorization form on file.
  • You agree to retain all the documents, receipts, canceled checks and records required to substantiate the items of income and expense reported on your return(s) for 5 years.
  • If you receive any letters or notices from the IRS or state taxing authorities, you will immediately send a copy to CLERGY ADVANTAGE®.
  • CLERGY ADVANTAGE® will use professional judgment in resolving any discrepancies regarding the interpretation of tax law, and conflicting opinions between the tax authorities' interpretation and other supportable positions,
  • CLERGY ADVANTAGE® will not audit or otherwise verify any information you provide. However, we may require clarification or additional information before filing.
  • CLERGY ADVANTAGE® is not responsible for disallowed deductions or the inclusion of additional unreported income or any resulting taxes, interest and/or penalties assessed.
  • In the event of preparer error, CLERGY ADVANTAGE® is responsible for any penalty assessed due to such error. Client will be responsible for additional tax and interest that may be assessed.
  • CLERGY ADVANTAGE® will not file any Federal, State or local Tax Extensions without Client’s specific written request to do so. Authorized extensions will be filed at no charge as long as a signed Engagement Agreement is in effect.
  • Subscription renews automatically. Cancellation must be submitted in writing. A cancellation fee may apply if services have been rendered by CLERGY ADVANTAGE® on your behalf during the year of the active subscription.
  • CLERGY ADVANTAGE® reserves the right to withdraw from this engagement, at our discretion. Withdrawal can occur for, but is not limited to; failure to provide information in a timely manner, refusal to comply with reasonable requests or misrepresentation of any facts. Our withdrawal will release us from any obligation to complete any service and will constitute completion of our agreement. You agree to compensate us for time and expenses incurred for services through the date of our withdrawal.
  • Client’s dated signature below constitutes full acceptance of all terms and conditions specified in this document.


  • Audit representation for audits by the Internal Revenue Service, State, or Local taxing authorities.
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Client’s dated signature below constitutes full acceptance of all terms and conditions specified in this document.

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Subscription Fee: $71 per month

Additional Fees may apply and are invoiced upon completion of service:

  • A Non-Standard Clergy tax return: Returns that have foreign missionary income, multiple state return requirements, rental properties, non-minister Schedule C businesses, Partnerships, S Corporations, Trusts, numerous stock transactions or any other non-typical reporting requirements or complexity.
  • Additional time or resources needed to complete your return
  • Consultation time over the two hours provided
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