Your Steps for Tax Prep

Step 1

Submit your signed Engagement Agreement and deposit

(Waived for Subscription Plans)

  • Submit your signed engagement agreement (if you have not done so already). It’s located in the Client Organizer folder for the tax year, in your vault in SmartVault.
  • $200 deposit – Payment can be made on our website (click “Make a Payment” on the
    menu at the top of this page) or call our office at 970-667-5819.

Quick Links

Print a copy of your Tax Preparation Steps after downloading the PDF.

Login to the SmartVault website.

Read instructions to learn more about Uploading, Downloading, Printing, and more in SmartVault.

Need help filling out your tax organizer?

Step 2

Log in to Smart Vault to download and complete your Tax Organizer and forms located the Document Library

Tax Organizer Steps
  • You will need to print a copy to fill it out. Or you can use PDF editing software if you have it on your computer to fill out this form.
  • Steps for filling out your Organizer
    • Review personal info – place a check mark by correct data and update as needed
    • Answer all questions
    • Add new employers, pensions, etc. Cross out any that no longer apply
    • Tabulate and transfer totals onto the appropriate page in the Organizer – Receipts should be kept in your files.
    • Submit the entire Organizerincluding blank or crossed out pages
Other Required Forms in SmartVault Document Library for Tax Prep

The SmartVault Document Library contains all the forms required for your tax preparation.

  • Document Submission Checklist—a checklist of items you need to submit
  • State Questionsrequired for states you lived in during the year (AK, FL, SD,WA, WY do not require a state questionnaire)
  • Ministry Income & Housing Expense Worksheetrequired if you use a housing allowance or have ministry income
  • Foreign Questionsrequired if you lived outside of the US for any amount of time during the
  • New Business Activity – complete for any new business activity
  • New Rental Activity – complete for new rental property or activity
  • Cryptocurrency Reporting Requirements – information on the reporting requirements if you own virtual currency

Step 3 Submit your Tax documents, forms and Organizer

Submission Deadline March 15

All required items must be received by March 15 to guarantee your return is
filed by IRS filing deadline of April 15.

To protect you from potential late filing penalties, we require an extension be filed if your items arrive after the submission deadline. If you wish to file an extension now, click here.

Options for Submitting Documents

PLEASE NOTE: We CANNOT accept documents sent as email attachments for your security.

  • Remove any password protection on file before uploading.
  • Don’t rename files after they have been uploaded.
  • Don’t upload spreadsheets, or receipts for medical or housing expenses - write totals in the appropriate page of your Tax Organizer.
  • Convert Mac computer files to PDF before uploading.
  • Watch for the “successful upload” pop up in SmartVault before closing a file you are uploading.
  • SmartVault notifies us when you submit documents, and we download them within
    24 hours. You will be notified by SmartVault when we have downloaded your items. This notification is your confirmation we have your documents.
  • Address: 2093 E 11th St Suite 200 Loveland, CO 80537
  • Send copies of your documents. Do not send originals. Documents received will be scanned and then destroyed.
  • Write totals and notes on your Tax Organizer. Don’t send medical or housing expense receipts, or put sticky notes on the pages.
  • Send via a mail service that provides tracking of your package.
  • You will receive an email when your documents have been received.
  • Address: 2093 E 11th St Suite 200 Loveland, CO 80537
  • Office hours: 9:00AM - 4:00PM Monday through Friday
  • Submit copies of your documents. Do not drop off originals. Documents received will be scanned and then destroyed.
  • Write totals and notes on your Tax Organizer. Don’t send medical or housing expense receipts, or put sticky notes on the pages.
  • Give your documents to receptionist and provide her with your name and a brief description of what you are dropping off.
  • Address: 2093 E 11th St Suite 200 Loveland, CO 80537
  • Bring your completed Tax Organizer , forms and documents with you to the appointment.
  • If you want to send documents ahead of time, they must be received 3 business days prior to the appointment date.

Step 4

Return Preparation: Timeline and Steps

  • We will reach out to you via email if a required item is missing.
  • Tax returns are completed in the order in which all required documents are received. 
  • It can be 2-4 weeks before your advisor begins work on your return. We’ll be in touch for additional information as needed.
  • We communicate primarily through email so keep an eye on your inbox and help facilitate the completion by responding promptly.

Step 5

IRS Return Filing

  • A draft of your return will be emailed through DocuSign with an e-file authorization
    form. Your advisor will contact you to schedule a time to review the return.
  • Both tax payers must sign the e-authorization once you have reviewed the return with
    your advisor. A DocuSign email is sent separately for each taxpayer.
  • After e-filing, a copy of the return (and vouchers, if applicable) is placed in the Client Returns folder for the tax year in your vault in SmartVault.
  • Make tax payments to the IRS and/or State tax authorities as prescribed by your tax advisor
    on your vouchers.

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