The Paramount Question

Aside from matters of faith and the certainty of our spiritual future, we all have another cardinal concern. “What would happen to my family and loved ones if I didn’t wake up tomorrow?” That sentiment could also include your ministry or church. If you’re confident of the answer, you have undoubtedly planned for that eventuality.

“One primary financial planning concern needs to be addressed before all others make sense.”

The pandemic has given us all time to reflect on many things. While the idea of our “going home” prematurely or otherwise may not be particularly distressing to many of us, it is still not generally a comfortable discussion topic.

But maybe it should be because it begs the question, “What can I do now to promote a legacy and/or provide for my family, church or ministry when I’m gone?”

Every conversation about money and financial planning, is part of a much larger picture that serves the purpose of providing for our security but also for the people and things we love.

Isn’t that the whole point of our investing and saving? A wise investor hopes to enjoy the privilege of investing for what can go right – after having insured against what can go wrong. And to that we add the very real possibility of leaving a legacy to bless your family in the event of your premature death.

We all need a comprehensive plan to address these significant questions, not just a portfolio or retirement savings. Life insurance can and should be a consideration in all of this. It protects the people we love and can be an efficient tool in your plan.

So, we invite a conversation to discover options and answers to those critical questions, including using your ministry advantages in a total plan. The strategies and tools that are right for you are only a call or click away.

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