Steve Merriman, Lead Tax Advisor & Enrolled Agent

Steve is an Enrolled Agent, and Senior Clergy Tax Specialist. He has personally overseen the preparation of more than 100,000 clergy tax returns and represented over 1500 pastors in IRS proceedings. He is actively tutoring  the next generation of Clergy Advantage Tax Specialists and is an expert in “all things clergy tax.” His expertise in the area of housing allowance has earned him the reputation of, “Mr. Housing Allowance. ” After 4 years of research as the lead advisor in the court case resulting in the “Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act of 2002”  he was pivotal in the inception and design of the Clergy Advantage 403(b) so that ministers of all denominations enjoy the same tax advantages in retirement as denominational ministers.  Few people are more dedicated to improving ministers financial opportunities. Thousands of ministers and churches have benefited from his impassioned pursuits for ministers’ everywhere.

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