The Clergy Tax Puzzle

Ministers Taxes can be confusing. There’s just a lot of myth and erroneous information out there.

Learn your Three Major Tax Advantages for Ministers and how to use them effectively in our free, “Tax-Free Money for Ministers” video, click here. The basics are explained very clearly  in practical terms with important tips for maximizing your unique tax benefits.

Using your housing allowance effectively requires more than  knowing what you can & can’t deduct. Understand three basic principles before setting your housing allowance for the year.  Learn effective strategies for special circumstances like, buying or selling a house to create even more tax deductions. View, “Ministers’ Housing Allowance” and “Who Qualifies for Housing Allowance & Ministry Tax Status.”

Keep your housing allowance benefits when you retire. Even if you never plan to retire, you can have a tax free stream of income for life regardless of your denominational affiliation.  The wrong kind of retirement plan can cost you your housing allowance benefits and unbelievable amounts of unnecessary tax.   Discover what retirement for ministry professionals is all about and what you can do with the right kind of plan and the right advice.  View “Retirement for Ministers.”

Ministry Expenses are vital and necessary to ministry growth.  Ministers should not be expected to bear the financial burden of the churches expense to do business. An accountable reimbursement plan or implementing a system for direct payment by the church are currently the two best options that we recommend for handling ministry expenses.  The new 2018 tax legislation is a little unclear about some of these details so we offer two options.  We do know that there can be no more miscellaneous itemized deductions on the tax return starting in 2018.  So until more guidance is issued see the the page on our website for the two best options.  Click here.

  Understand what can be deducted and why it’s important to implement a clear plan. View Ministry Business Expenses video.