Steve Merriman

Lead Tax Advisor & Enrolled Agent

Steve has personally overseen the preparation of more than 100,000 clergy tax returns and represented over 1500 pastors in IRS proceedings. Steve has unparalleled expertise in “all things clergy tax” but especially in the area of housing allowance; earning him the reputation of, “Mr. Housing Allowance.”

After devoting 4 years of his life to researching housing allowance issues for the highly publicized court case involving Rick Warren, Steve’s efforts resulted in the “The Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act of 2002.” That court decision secured ministers’ housing allowance better than ever.

His passion is to preserve the non-denominational minister and secure housing allowance benefits for life while maximizing all ministers’ tax benefits. His audit-tested strategies greatly enhance ministers ability to stretch resources and live more abundantly. He is also directly responsible for negotiating with the IRS on behalf of ministers everywhere to avoid computer selection practices that unfairly targeted ministers.

Few people are more dedicated to improving your financial future, or will pursue your financial welfare more aggressively, which is why thousands of ministers and churches continue to rely on him and the professionals under his leadership for their financial futures.