Optimum Advantage

Optimum Advantage Plan with Audit Protection

Optimum Advantage Plan Services offers Tax Preparation with up to 4 hours of Consulting or Pre-Audit work & Representation:

  • Review of your prior year’s Individual tax return.
  •  An Amendment of the reviewed year’s Individual returns if necessary.
  • Review of your current Housing Allowance arrangement.
  • Preparation of one Individual Federal and State tax return(s)
  • Electronic filing and extension preparation and filing upon written request,
  • Free Financial coaching for retirement and strategies for ministry professionals
  • Your Tax Advisor’s time to respond to phone calls and emails during the year, tax planning issues and opportunities for the current year, up to a maximum of four hours. *Note: Consultations are not scheduled (February through April) during active tax season.
  • Review and response to Letters and Notices from Tax Authorities.
  • Audit Representation for pre-audit work, documentation and audit representation before the Internal Revenue Service for returns prepared by Clergy Advantage®, Inc.
  • Access to all proprietary financial and tax videos & resources offered by Clergy Advantage®.
  • Clergy Advantage® Tax-Tips and Updates


Clergy Advantage®’s fee for client’s one-year subscription to the Optimum Advantage Plan is $93.00 per month for Client’s with a typical tax return filing.

Clergy Advantage® defines a non-typical tax return as those returns having Non-Minister Schedule C businesses, Partnerships, S Corporations, numerous Stock Transactions, Rental Properties, Multiple State returns required and any other non-typical reporting requirements.

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