Basic Advantage Preparation Service

Basic Advantage Tax Preparation

Individual Tax Return Preparation with Expert Clergy Tax Guidance.

A deposit of $200 is required with this service to begin processing. Clergy Advantage® Inc. will prepare your Federal and applicable State income tax returns based on information that you supply, obtained by your tax organizer, interview, mail and/or e-mail.

Your estimated tax preparation fee includes:

  • Financial coaching with clergy retirement strategies.
  • Free filing of extensions upon your request
  • Free electronic filing of tax returns
  • Clergy Advantage®  2-minute Tax-Tips and News Flashes
  • Client Resources, worksheets & forms
  • Free educational services, workshops, webinars (This plan does not include the Accountable Plan video, “Don’t Let Ministry Expenses Eat Your Lunch” or the “Church Treasurer’s Tool Box”).

This Basic Advantage service does not provide extra consulting or planning time throughout the year. Consultations are included only if they relate to the actual tax preparation.


The estimated fee for Basic tax preparation is determined by the complexity of the return based upon a typical clergy tax return filing defined as:

 Those returns having Non-Minister Schedule C businesses, Partnerships, S Corporations, numerous Stock Transactions, Rental Properties, Multiple State returns required, and any other non-typical reporting requirements.  

We’ll discuss these issues prior to beginning the service with an estimate.

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