Filing a Deadline Extension

Learn how to take the pressure off a busy season and even produce a better Tax Return. Many business people and ministers take advantage of the option to postpone filing for a variety of reasons. Peace of mind is no small reason and can actually be very helpful to producing a more accurate tax return.

Facts about Filing an extension

  • Properly filed extensions are fine with the IRS. They will NOT cause  an audit or a "red flag" and is still considered "timely filed."
  • It gives you more time to provide a more accurate Tax-Organizer.
  • It lets us devote more creative attention to your tax return.
  • You'll still need to make any scheduled estimated tax payments on time or tax owed for the calendar year by the April deadline.
  • You'll need to send us a written request through email, fax or mail to let us know that you'd like to file an extension.
  • There are no extra charges for filing an extension, it's included in your tax preparation fee.


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