The Clergy Advantage Tax Preparation Experience

 Our goal is to provide the best clergy tax return possible with peace of mind and tax saving opportunities that you may not have even known were available.

Over many years we have fine tuned our processes to effectively serve our ministers in all 50 states and in 70 different countries. We may not live in your neighborhood but we’re still in your corner, and are only a call or email away. We are honored to serve you. Here’s what to Expect…

After you complete and submit your engagement agreement and payment for tax preparation service online, we'll email you a secure link to upload your tax documents and instructions. We'll be in touch for other information or documents and to guide you. Returning clients will receive an email notice when their pre-populated Tax Organizer and State Questions have been placed. This usually takes place by the first week of February.
Matching You & Your Advisor
When we have received the requested documents, we'll review your situation to determine which advisor will be the best match for you.  All are amply qualified but many have specialties that may be helpful to you.  You can get to know your tax advisor initially through their biography on our About Us page.
We communicate primarily by email so it's important that we have accurate contact info and your preferred email address. Your client representative is a liaison between you and your tax advisor. They will answer questions, schedule consultations and help collect additional information that your advisor may request. They're here to help guide you and answer questions, so reach out if you need assistance.
Time Line
Once you've submitted all documents and we've scheduled tax preparation with your advisor, it often takes 3-4 weeks to prepare and process your return until the first draft is available. If you wait until mid March to supply documents, it may be necessary to file an extension for you. We don't want to rush your return preparation. The Clergy Advantage Team takes great care in giving you the best experience and absolute best final results possible.
Your Draft & Review
When your Advisor has a draft of your return, you'll receive a copy and an E-Authorization form via Docu-Sign for an e-Signature. Now comes the really good part that we call our "Faith and Peace" process. Your advisor will review the return and explain how and why they prepared it the way they did. You'll learn about possible areas of improvement and opportunities to save more tax or improve your financial picture. Unfortunately, they won't be able to implement strategies at this time, but no worries, we'll help you get it done asap after tax time. Sign and submit the authorization form so we can file for you. Our team will be in touch with resources and advice from your advisor.
You did it!
Congratulations! It's all completed and we're e-filing for you. When the State and Federal Tax filings are confirmed, you'll receive a notice from SmartVault that the filed tax return is available to you. You'll be able to view your documents or retrieve them anytime for three years. We're so delighted to be in your corner! Click the arrow for the next level of tax savings and financial wellness.
Little Moves/Big Results
A great tax return is only the beginning of optimizing your finances. We go beyond for greater tax savings in every area. We'll reach out to help you implement your advisor's suggestions because a little tax planning can yield BIG results.
You Have Even More Advantages!
Take advantage of our Financial teams' free clergy expertise in holistic financial planning and especially retirement strategies. Ensure you maximize your incredible tax saving opportunities and keep your housing allowance for life. You have so much more available to you than a secular employee that you may not be aware of.

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