Log into Secure Drawer

to download past years' tax files

Log into SecureDrawer using the button above and use your email as your user-name. Click “forgot password” to reset it if you don’t remember. *Note: SecureDrawer will expire June 1, 2022. Please download your SecureDrawer files to your computer before that time.
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Download prior years’ tax documents from SecureDrawer until June 1, 2022.  Follow the steps below. Each step requires a double-click:

  1. Under the little red house on the top left side of the screen, find the words Clergy Advantage.
  2. Under that, double click on your name. *If you don’t see your name, double click on the words “Clergy Advantage” to bring up your name.
  3. Clicking on your name brings up the 2019 file (and previous years) Open applicable file.
  4. You’ll see three folders: “From Clergy Advantage,”  “To Clergy Advantage,” and a “Completed” folder that contains your completed return, and supporting documents.
  5. Open  “From Clergy Advantage” folder by clicking on it.
  6. Place your cursor on the pdf and click the down arrow to download &/or print.

To send us tax documents upload them to your new SmartVault Portal. Your 2021 Tax Organizer will be located in your SmartVault Portal.

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