Why does it matter what kind of retirement plan ministers use?

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Discover the superior features of The Clergy Advantage 403(b)

The Wrong Retirement Plan Can Hurt You

Learn why the wrong retirement plan can make you forfeit your ministry benefits and cost you and the church so much more than you planned.

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The Clergy Advantage 403(b) Retirement Plan allows you to keep your housing allowance distributions for life wherever you go and even if you leave the ministry. To see a comparison of traditional retirement options for ministers use the link below.


The Clergy Advantage 403(b) offers more

  • Portability so you can take your plan and benefits with you even if you change jobs or leave the ministry.
  • Guaranteed Interest & Structured Investment Options
  • Roth Option
  • Extremely Low Fees or No Fees in some cases
  • World Class Money Managers
  • Over 90 funds with sector control to personalize your investment
  • Reduced Administration costs & headaches for your organization.  Administration of the plan is the responsibility of  the plan sponsor not your church, further reducing costs and hassles.
  • Educational Resources & Personal Coaching. Expert personal coaching is the hallmark of this plan. Discover the right clergy specific strategies in your retirement planning to help you achieve financial independence.
  • Incredible Tax Saving on State, Federal and Social Security. Try the first and only retirement calculator for ministers.

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