Learn More About the Clergy Advantage 403(b) Retirement Plan

Retirement for ministers is an entirely different animal than it is for secular employees.  For starters, ministers can keep housing allowance for life with the right kind of plan. They can also reduce state, federal AND Social Security tax now on contributions, grow the money tax-free and then take tax-free distributions as housing allowance with a clergy specific 403b that's set up properly.

With that kind of advantage, it's not just "Retirement" any more, it's Financial Independence for the next ministry or season. View “Retirement for Ministry Professionals” video. Discover why only a clergy specific retirement plan is right for a minister.

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The Right Plan with the Right Advice

  • Only a clergy-specific 403(b) plan allows ministers to enjoy State, Federal and Social Security Tax savings on both contributions and tax-free distributions.
  • Personalized financial coaching/guidance with qualified clergy specialists lets you to implement housing allowance strategies during accumulation years and distribution phases.


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