Housing Allowance

Housing Allowance for Ministers

“Housing Allowance” video will help you build a solid foundation with your housing allowance benefits. Dispel myths, understand the basic principles, discover new opportunities and use  them effectively. What all ministers should know is here in a short video.

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Rediscover Your Benefits

Housing Allowance Benefits are still considered to be the greatest of ministers’ Three Major Tax Advantages and will likely continue in their historic role for the foreseeable future. You’ll learn how:

  • Housing Allowance can be your most valuable financial tool for life
  • Proper Retirement planning using housing strategies can save you thousands
  • Keep Tax-Free Housing Distributions for Life even if you leave ministry
  • Who Qualifies for Housing Allowance?
  • When & What to Designate and Deduct
  • When “Fair Rental Value” Applies
  • Tax Strategies for Life Events before and after Retirement

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