Disability Insurance for Ministers

Typical Disability insurance coverage isn’t adequate for ministers or churches.

This is because it’s not designed to factor in ministers’ unique financial status and housing allowance. This can mean that if you become ill or disabled for any length of time, the amount that the insurance company is willing to pay you will probably be even less than a secular person with the same salary.


  • Most plans only replace 60% of the insured’s income.
  • Benefits will stop after two years if you qualify for ANY KIND of employment.

Experience tells us that most families cannot get by very well on only 60% of their original income. Neither do many of  the jobs that most insurance companies feel you should take if you’re unable to resume former employment after two years.

The best protection will replace the amount of income necessary to maintain your family’s lifestyle for as long as necessary should you become disabled. 

That’s why we recommend a plan that actually allows ministers to:

  • Purchase up to 90% of your current income.
  • Continue receiving disability payments until the age of 65.
  • Enjoy Significant Group Discounts for two or more participants from the same organization.
  • Have a Simplified Underwriting Program with no additional medical or financial records.

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