Highlights of the Clergy Advantage 403(b) Plan

The Clergy Advantage® 403(b) plan is exactly like a denominational plan but is designed for non-denominational ministers. Unlike secular plans or other types of 403(b)’s this clergy-specific retirement plan allows portability, tax savings on contributions and disbursements, including Social Security tax savings.  Additionally, participants enjoy as little or as much education and coaching as they desire to put a plan in place that will help you be more successful.

While it includes the benefits for clergy staff members, it can benefit non-clergy as it is offered to all staff of non-profit organizations.

The Highlights of this unique retirement plan are:

  1. Education & Coaching to understand and use your unique advantages: Clergy retirement is very different for ministers. Clergy Advantage specialists provide the expertise to help participants make full use of the special opportunities available to ministers in their retirement planning through free consultations, workshops and videos.
  2. Clergy Retirement and Tax Advisors Together: Our advisors are available to help you implement simple or sophisticated strategies appropriate for your individual circumstances. This can include strategies for using housing allowance for a down payment on a home or even a transition plan and anything in between. Ministers cannot afford to use a secular plan and forfeit their unique tax advantages.
  3. The Clergy Advantage 403(b) is Portable: Take it with you wherever you go. Unlike many denominational and secular plans, you can take this plan with your housing allowance benefits to any other church or ministry, or even if you give up ministry status altogether. That translates into Tax-Free Income for Life.
  4. The Clergy Advantage 403(b) has Superior Investment Options: With the greater flexibility, participants enjoy significantly more investment options that can be tailored for your needs.
  • Structured Investment options & Guaranteed Interest Options
  • A Roth Option
  • Over 90 funds to choose from with Sector Control
  • Extremely Low or Even NO Fees in some cases
  • Specialized Tax and Retirement planning for ministry professionals
  1. Less Cost & Less Hassles because Administration of the plan including tracking ministers complying with IRS regulations and any changes is a responsibility of Clergy Advantage® 403(b) not the employing organization. This means significantly less time, hassle and expense for you and your church or organization.
  1. To learn more go to the plan sponsor’s website at churchandclergyalliance.org. There you’ll find the plan summary and other useful documents. Schedule a personal discussion with a clergy retirement specialist anytime below.

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