Church Resources

Church administrators and treasurers are real heroes. You play a pivotal role in the success of your organization and staff’s well-being. This is a high calling with more than  few challenges, so we’ve developed resources to help you meet those challenges with confidence and efficiency. 

Tax Resources

Tax preparation service is only the tip of the iceberg.  Education for you in your role and coaching and resources for your staff  can go a long way in helping streamline operations and make ministry outcomes more effective. 

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Retirement needs and opportunities are so different for churches and ministry staff than it is for regular employees. We can help you understand the differences and find effective economical solutions to help make a  profound impact on your staff’s lives and futures.

Learn about free retirement coaching and consultations, the right kind of plan and features that you need.

Administrative Help

 You have the ominous job of  navigating housing allowance, ministry expenses, pay structure and Social Security  to name a few of the more common challenges.  Look at our The three part, “Church Treasurer’s Tool Box” with Guidebook and forms that will  detail just about everything a church treasurer needs to know.

This is free with many of our packages and only $99 on its own. It takes the place of hours of consultations and research. 

Tax, Financial, Consulting and A Lot More

Comprehensive Investment Strategies & Service

Financial Independence for Ministers

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Group, Individual and Key Man

Knowledge is Golden

Tax-Free Money for Ministers

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