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What's the Difference?

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When it comes to taxes, ministers are not normal. But the good news is, you have opportunities to save money on your taxes in ways that normal people do not, especially in retirement planning.

Over-paying your taxes or missing valuable opportunities can make a huge impact on your future, your ministry and your family. That's where a team of clergy experts with 150 years of collective experience in ministers' taxes comes in handy.

We want to provide peace of mind and help you be a better steward. Our specially trained and experienced Team can identify and apply tax and financial strategies for your situation and then coach you through the process.

But, don’t all CPA's and Financial Professionals know about the tax-saving opportunities for the Clergy?

Unfortunately…no. Taxes have to be one of the most confusing subjects around, especially clergy taxes. Even great CPA's and financial advisors have a hard time staying on top of and understanding all of the nuances of clergy tax-planning and retirement strategies.

We've been at this since 1980. It's our specialty and passion. We routinely pour over all the unique benefits and changes that affect clergy and church taxes. You might say, we're saturated, so that we can offer the best advice and service to our clients.

Who would you rather have as your financial partner, some one good at most tax and financial situations, or a team of specialists, experienced in your area of need?

What is an "Enrolled Agent" and what does "EA" at the end of your name mean?

You may have noticed the letters "EA" after some of our advisors names. This designation stands for "Enrolled Agent" and means they're licensed by the IRS to hold the most expansive license that the IRS grants.

Enrolled Agents are specifically trained in federal tax planning, preparation, and representation and must pass a suitability check, as well as a three-part Special Enrollment Examination, a comprehensive exam that covers individual tax, business tax, and representation issues. They complete 72 hours of continuing education every 3 years.

Simply Put

As clergy tax specialists we understand how to save you money, how to maximize your retirement and we understand your unique circumstances and advantages as a ministry organization or professional. Our tax professionals have faithfully served ministers and religious organizations in all 50 states and abroad since 1980.

Those decades of experience have produced unparalleled expertise in clergy-specific tax issues, but it has also yielded unique services and strategies for ministers' retirement. Part of our mission is to educate you so that you can take advantage of all that's available, simply and with confidence.

A lot has changed over the years but one thing has remained constant…our desire to save you money and help you provide for your family, your future, and your continued ministry.

  • Clergy Advantage® 403(b) Retirement Plan

    Most clergy are unaware of  all of the possibilities in retirement and the subsequent strategies available through their housing allowance benefits. We aim to set the record straight. The Clergy Advantage 403(b) allows all ministers to enjoy housing allowance benefits during retirement regardless of denominational affiliation. You'll enjoy the highest quality fund choices and features available in any retirement program. If that weren't enough, it's designed for ministers and churches with clergy specific tax planning and coaching available. Click Here to schedule a free consultation to learn more.

  • Personal Tax Preparation and Planning

    Know that your tax return preparation and pay structure are the best they can be. Preparing a clergy tax return correctly is the first step toward maximizing your advantages, but tax planning is often overlooked. It's an integral piece of your total financial well-being as a minister. So we offer several options to make it accessible and affordable. Contact us or click our "Tax Advantage" tab for details.

  • Tax Return Reviews for Individuals and Businesses

    A very affordable tool to make sure your tax strategy is sound and your return is accurate, or to see if you need our tax service going forward. If you have doubts about the accuracy of your return, we can tell you if you need an amendment and how much of a difference that will make for you.

  • Tax Consulting for Ministers/Ministries

    Our nationally recognized clergy tax professionals offer cutting edge expertise for individuals and groups either by the hour pro-rated in 15 minute increments or in bundled packages. If it's an IRS letter, an audit or just confusion about how to structure your pay package, we can help.

  • Valuable information is also available in our proprietary videos and workshops. They're the result of the decades of specialized tax experience and are excellent to start you in the right direction. If you're confused about or unsure of your tax benefits, invest a few minutes, you'll be glad.
  • Premium Support Package (PSP)

    The Premium Support Package, or the PSP, is a consulting package designed to optimize tax-planning opportunities and cover contingencies for one low annual fee rather than hourly rates. You'll save several hundred dollars by enrolling and receive two-hours of your tax advisor's time through out the year, plus all of the proprietary resources & videos we've developed to help you understand and use those amazing tax benefits.

  • Church/Organizational Package

    The Clergy Advantage Organizational Package is the tax consulting & tax return preparation answer for churches or ministries with five or more pastors on staff.  Make sure you and your staff are maximizing financial opportunities, both individually and as an organization. This is perfect for anyone experiencing or anticipating change or growth. It will help you provide well for your staff.

  • Advanced Housing Allowance Strategies for today and during retirement
  • Educational Workshops

    These exclusive and often, free, workshops are available no where else. There's just too much to tell, see for yourself and learn what your tax and financial opportunities can really do.

  • All workshops and videos will help you sort through the complexities of clergy tax and let you walk away with real understanding. No more trying to decipher tax codes and wondering how it applies to you. Clear, concise answers.
  • A great place to start is with "Tax-Free Money for Ministers" webinar.  Discover who is a minister according to the IRS and how to use those unique tax benefits; your housing allowance, ministry/business expenses and proper retirement planning for ministers. Join us anytime and invite your staff and colleagues. It's always free for ministers and their spouses. You'll walk away with a "Wow." It's also possible to schedule a lunch and learn with staff members. Call us, we'll pick up the tab for pizza.
  • LLC, Partnership & Corporate Tax Returns

    We provide the advantage of optimizing your business return by coordinating it with your personal tax return. You will know your best options.

  • 990 Non-Profit Returns