Tax Return Reviews

"Not only will you know you’re handling everything right…you just might walk away saving a lot of money, too."Nelson Searcy, The Journey Church, NYC

Tax Return Review

Unsure if your tax return has been calculated properly? Are you getting all of your tax benefits?

Here’s one very affordable way you can find out. Our Tax Return Review service is an extremely economical tool to get answers and peace of mind. We’ll investigate the four main areas that are often miscalculated or overlooked in ministers’ tax returns and make recommendations to improve your tax savings and if an amendment is necessary with a cost/benefit analysis.

  • Social Security Self Employment Tax
  • Ministry Expenses
  • Housing Allowance Issues
  • Ministry Income
  • Recommendations for future tax planning or if an amendment is advisable. Should your tax professional feel that an amendment is in your best interest, he/she will be able to approximate the cost, as well as the benefits of any actions.

The cost to review  one year’s Individual tax return is $199. *The filing of an amendment is not included in this fee but we will advise you of the cost and the savings involved in doing so if it’s necessary or advisable. This service is not available between January 1st and May 1st and does not apply to entities or business returns.

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