Individual Tax Preparation: Saving you Time & Money

" Clergy Advantage has saved our family thousands in legitimate tax savings. I wouldn’t think about making any tax-related decisions without consulting Clergy Advantage® "Rick Warren, Clergy Advantage® client for over 30 years

Know that your tax return has been prepared optimally and correctly. Discover even greater tax-savings.


Choose Tax Preparation Only or a Subscription Plan with Consulting

 Services Included BASIC ADVANTAGE

Tax Prep
Fee determined $200 deposit


Prep & 2 HRS Consulting


Prep & 4 HRS Consulting

Tax Preparation X X X
Financial Planning with Retirement Review X X X
E-Filing and/or Extension Filing X X X
Proprietary Forms Worksheets, Tax Organizer and W-2 Illustrator X X X
Quarterly, Estimated Tax Calculations and Vouchers X X X
2 hours of your Tax Advisor’s time for phone calls, emails, tax planning and consulting X
A Review of a Prior Year Tax Return X X
An Amendment of prior return if necessary X X
Free workshops including the Accountable Plan with Easy to follow Guide X X
Audit Protection X
4 hours of your Tax advisor’s time for phone calls, emails, tax planning and consulting X
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*We aren’t able to enroll new participants into the Plus Advantage and Optimum Advantage plans Between February 1st and May 1st. Current subscribers can still enjoy consulting access limited to urgent or tax preparation issues during those months.

If your tax situation is considered “not typical” there may be additional charges. We’ll let you know if you’re situation qualifies you for this service and estimate the cost before work begins if it’s outside the scope of this plan. Clergy Advantage® defines a non-typical tax return as those returns having Non-Minister Schedule C businesses, Partnerships, S Corporations, numerous Stock Transactions, Rental Properties, Multiple State returns required and any other non-typical reporting requirements.

New & Not Sure if you need to take the clergy plunge?

A specialized clergy tax return review is the perfect way to find out for only $199. The Review will focus on the four main areas often miscalculated or overlooked. If we find errors or an amendment is advisable we’ll tell you what it will save you. Contact us for details.

“Tax-Free Money for Ministers”

It’s what we’re all about. Learn what your tax benefits can really do.  Video list