Individual Consulting at a Discount

Our Premium Support Package is a yearly consulting subscription that allows one individual two hours of access to a tax advisor throughout the year for questions or planning with the extra resources mentioned below. Get answers when you need them without incurring hourly fees.

Learn what you need to know about your clergy tax advantages and get detailed strategies personalized for even greater success.

What’s Included

  • One tax-deductible, annual fee for a 12 month subscription
  • Audit Representation: Includes pre-audit work, documentation, and audit representation before the IRS, applies only to returns we have prepared and available only if your subscription is in force at time of receipt of your audit notice.
  • Access to “Accountable Plan” video and “Church Treasurers Tool Kit” with forms, booklets and other helpful resources.
  • Retirement Advantage Assessment: Retirement for ministers is all about financial independence.  Keep your housing allowance benefits for life wherever you go and discover all the unique opportunities available to you with proper retirement planning.
  • Two Hours of E-mail, Telephone or In-person Consultations: Experienced clergy tax advisors are your best asset for contingencies or tax planning or questions about but not limited to:
    • Revised Pay Package Structuring and Tax Planning
    • Revised Estimated Tax Projections
    • Revisions during the year due to life events or job changes, unexpected bonuses, gifts, etc.
    • IRS Correspondence
    • Review of IRS and State letters and notices with a draft of response to IRS and/or State taxing authorities
    • Tax efficiency planning & Housing allowance strategies
    • Year-end tax issues such as: ministry expenses, investment issues

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