Tax Consulting for Ministry Professionals

" I wish this kind information had been available to me when I was beginning my ministry. That’s why I’m so glad to be offering it to my entire team. "Mike Meeks, EastLake Church


Ministers’ Taxes can be Confusing

Taxes are not fun for most people, but we’re not most people! Helping you be more successful financially is what we love. Discover your tax advantages. Use them for greater tax savings and peace of mind.

Schedule a consultation or consider one of these economical consulting packages for yourself or your staff.

A Complimentary Financial or Retirement Review is included with all packages.

Hourly A-la-carte Rate
$55 for 15-minute increments
Get personal advice face-to-face or through phone calls, emails and correspondence for tax planning, questions, IRS letters, pay structure, housing allowance strategies or any other tax related issue.
Group Package
For Churches and Organizations
6 hours of consultation time for multiple users
Pay Package Structuring & Complete Tax planning
Year end accounting and annual budget information
Housing allowance limits, liability and appropriate strategies
W-2 Education
Clergy Advantage® Church Administrators Help Packet with Forms and Worksheets
10% discount on all tax return preparation for 5 or more tax returns
1 hour Financial Review for individual members
Premium Support Package
For Individuals
2 hours of consulting time during the year for any tax related reason
Audit Protection on Tax Returns prepared by Clergy Advantage
Free “Accountable Plan” and “Church Treasurer’s” webinars & workshops with materials for your whole staff
Access to all Proprietary Forms, Worksheets and Resources
1 hour financial review

Free resources to help you begin saving money now

Our videos have helped thousands of ministry professionals avoid costly mistakes and use their tax benefits effectively.  Click any of the links to access a video and discover how valuable the right information can be.

Tax-Free Money for Ministers Housing Allowance Ministers Business Expenses Retirement for Ministry Professionals