Tax Advantage

You were trained to preach, teach, lead and serve - not to decipher the details of tax law. Clergy Advantage® understands the demands of your ministry, and we also know how to maximize the tax benefits available to clergy. We’ve prepared more than 100,000 tax returns for ministry professionals, and we can help you get every advantage you’re entitled to when it comes to your housing allowance, ministry expenses, and retirement. Clergy Advantage® is here to help you learn more about personal tax preparation and planning, church and organizational planning, audit protection, and even review of prior year returns.


Tax Prep Services

As a minister, you have unique challenges and specific advantages when it comes to taxes. We work with ministers from churches of every size, in every region of the country and abroad to ensure an accurate and optimal tax return. You can have peace of mind knowing that your taxes have been done correctly and optimally with trained and experienced tax professionals who share your commitment and values.

Our services include tax preparation, extension filing, quarterly and estimated taxes, review and amendment of prior year returns, audit protection, and even free workshops to help you learn more.

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Tax Planning Consulting Services

We love questions, and we have the expertise to answer them with consulting for both individuals and groups. A complimentary financial or retirement review is included with every package, and we also offer help with pay package structuring, year-end accounting and annual budget information, housing allowance limits and strategies, and even customized assistance for church administrators and accounting staff. Ministers can lose incredible tax savings without the right information.

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Tax Return Review

Questions about a previous year’s return? Are you getting all of your tax benefits? Our team can review your tax returns from previous years to ensure you’re maximizing your advantages when it comes to ministry income and expenses, your housing allowance, and retirement. We can also make recommendations for future tax planning to improve your savings for years to come.

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Nonprofit Consulting

If you’re starting a new ministry or looking for ways to manage an existing one, we can help you discover the best ways to maximize tax benefits and explain options for both a 501(c)(3) and Charitable C. Haven’t heard of a Charitable C or how it can reduce expenses, simplify health care payments for employees, and ensure donations remain tax-deductible?