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Click the button below to complete the secure pre-enrollment form. After filling it out, click submit and you will be directed to our plan sponsor’s page. AXA 403b training enrollment_sm_175You’ll be prompted through the enrollment process and will be able to access your account online in about 48 hours.

It generally takes a few days to set-up for funding. Once you see “Congratulations!” you’re done!  We’ll be in touch with funding instructions and next steps. We look forward to partnering with you to maximize your retirement opportunities!


  • You must use a street address for the application. You can still have mailings sent to a PO Box.
  • To choose a beneficiary other than a spouse: have the name, date of birth and SSN available of the person. If you leave it blank, your spouse will be the beneficiary. If the beneficiary is a Trust, you must have the date of the trust to proceed with the enrollment.
  • You will also be asked for a starting allocation to open the account. You can always change the allocation online or with the help of your advisor. You have the option of picking  your funds or choosing 100% of your contributions to go into a Conservative, Moderate or Aggressive fund option or the Target Date Retirement account option.
  • You’ll be prompted through the electronic signature process at the end of the enrollment and asked to confirm your enrollment.

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Congratulations, we look forward to helping you maximize your retirement opportunities!

Ministry specific advice and coaching is the hallmark of this plan. Schedule a discussion anytime to personalize your plan and maximize your unique retirement opportunities with clergy specific strategies.

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